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Undercover Work and Surveillance Operations

With the benefit of previous careers in policing and extensive experience in the private sector we have been well trained and well tested. We have carried out all manner of investigations over the last 40 years.


This should not be attempted by untrained people. We only deploy operatives that have undergone training in former police and military careers or have passed a recognised course with an established training provider.

We have many years of experience in this field and encourage any client that may be considering carrying out surveillance to call us to discuss the case. Surveillance is not always necessary to achieve the investigation objective. We will help to plan the investigation and always aim to be cost effective and productive.


We have carried out lots of undercover operations and they are not easy !  If you are seriously considering this investigation technique then we’d welcome your call. We will explain the twist and turns of investigations carried out like this. They can be extremely effective and lead to massive savings in many ways