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Farrington Legal Services has been providing specialist legal services for over 20 years, so we can provide you with the following quality assured services

Due Diligence

When you might be poised to make a significant decision; Purchasing a business? Purchasing land or property? A partnership? An investment opportunity? We can carry out enquiries and gather (More info)

Fraud Investigations

Fraud is a fast-growing area of criminality. Police services are over stretched and experience backlogs. Fraud investigations can often pile up and that means that the offenders remain undetected for (More info)

Pre Sue / Asset Enquiries

Before embarking on expensive litigation, it is prudent to explore the means of the other party in proceedings. Does your opponent have sufficient means to cover the debt pursued? Does your (More info)

Undercover Work and Surveillance Operations

With the benefit of previous careers in policing and extensive experience in the private sector we have been well trained and well tested. We have carried out all manner of investigations over the (More info)